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About Illumineris

Illumineris is leading a shift in the way companies think about their energy needs.  How companies optimize their energy management can dramatically affect their bottom line.

As a society we have not paid as much attention to building technology and design, as we have to transportation emissions, but the energy inefficiencies in buildings are often massive.

Illumineris can show you how easy it is to reduce energy consumption. Our process can help our clients understand where and how they can save energy and money. Through our Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) we can identify inefficiencies and solutions with a life cycle analysis that includes payback, return on investment (ROI), internal rate of return, and net present value (NPV) for each of the possible solutions.

Our process allows clients to:

  • Prioritize energy conservation budgets
  • Execute projects with the greatest potential to reduce energy and costs
  • Follow their true environmental impact from day-to-day
  • Access their data in real time

Our mission: To create the best ROI and Payback solutions so our clients' can lower their operating costs and be more competitive!

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