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Carbon Offset

Healthy Business. Healthy Environment. 

Carbon Offset | Illumineris

Outside the 'Business as Usual'

Illumineris moves beyond ‘business as usual’ and focuses on delivering value back to our environment, back to the client, and forward to future generations through the Clean Air For Kids™ initiative in selected hospitals.  

'Credit' Trading

Today ‘cap and trade’ or carbon taxes have become an acceptable way of reducing harmful emissions. Business can either be part of the solution or see their costs rise.  Illumineris technologies act as a bulwark against emissions and can either reduce the negative financial impact on a company or assist in generating these credits as a financial instrument to support the initiative.   

The new reality is that deploying recognized solutions that assist in the bottom line can also provide peace of mind, as well as a sense of pride because you know that you have done work for those who need help the most – our children.  It is really a domino effect: improved practices equal fuel savings - which lead to carbon offset- which can be converted into cash to be donated to children’s hospitals.

Clean Air For Kids™

Aligning with the core values of our parent company, Sparta Capital, we have focused on the development, acquisition and distribution of efficient, environmentally qualified technologies. All our solutions focus on economic and environmental benefits. The quantification of these benefits can be used to support the Clean Air For Kids™ initiative. 

The Clean Air for Kids™ initiative makes use of internationally recognized and robust protocols to quantify the reduction of emissions and to turn these into carbon ‘credits’. 

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