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How We Work

Ready to build a smarter building, save energy, and grow your bottom line? Our three step process is simple.

Step 1 - Preliminary Engineering Study

Preliminary Engineering Study

The first step is understanding how, when and where your facility is utilizing it's energy.

Assessing the opportunities that can reduce electrical load provides you with the necessary information to prioritize where your valuable conservation dollars should be spent. 

This study gives you the confidence to know which projects should be the highest priority based on the study's ROI and payback for each of the energy reduction opportunities.

Step 2 - Measurement & Targeting

Measurement & Targeting

The second step is to sub-meter all of your major electrical loads in your facility. This provides insights in real time to implement best practices and quantifies the data to make safe decisions to reduce energy and increase efficiencies. The software analytics create valuable tools to improve processes and determine how they can reduce energy and maintenance; savings otherwise ignored due to non-existing real time data. 

Establishing a baseline from sub-metering quantifies all of the energy conservation projects' paybacks and ROI's, making decisions easier.

Step 3 - Implement Smart Building Technologies

Implement Smart Building Technologies

You now have the confidence to move forward with precise information addressing all of the solutions that have the most advanced technologies available today. Each technology has a life cycle analyses providing a cost comparison showing the financial data quantifying the cost of waiting and the bottom line savings due to cost avoidance and energy conservation. Every facility has it's own unique carbon footprint and requires a custom approach that maximizes the opportunity to lower operational costs and increase efficiencies. Knowing which project to attack first is critical in a successful energy conservation plan! 

How We Work | Illumineris

These 3 questions need to be asked before implementing any energy saving projects:

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it to get it right the first time?
  2. Does your organization have the resources and the expertise to implement the solution?
  3. Does it make sense to utilize the team who possess the expertise and resources to make your building "SMART"?

All of our clients are surprised when they see just how much they could be saving.

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