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Power Quality

Understanding Power Quality changes the way you think about energy management.

Power Quality | Illumineris

Road Blocks to Good Power Quality

Harmonics and low power factor are the most negative roadblocks to good power quality. They reduce energy efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Illumineris solutions practically eliminate all harmonics created by non-linear devices that are connected to the electrical system and power factor can be corrected to 99.9%.

Illumineris Benefits 

  • Eliminate the monthly "power factor" penalty on your energy bill
  • Increased efficiency of equipment by lowering operating temperature in motors and transformers
  • Improved equipment life of all connected equipment such as motors, variable frequency drives, circuit boards, pumps, and air conditioning equipment due to suppression of current spikes
  • Eliminate harmonics created by non-linear devices - connected to the electrical system.
  • Power factor can be corrected to 99.9 %

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