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Few companies understand the savings potential sitting in their HVAC systems.  Illumineris does!

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Be Proactive, Not Reactive

It is far better to schedule maintenance activities using planned and predictive maintenance tools, yet most facility managers spend the bulk of their resources operating reactively due to lack of sufficient resources and inability to see their energy usage through metering.

In typical commercial buildings, HVAC systems are responsible for more than 40 percent of total energy use. Keeping HVAC systems at peak efficiency is the first step in managing energy use. Metering provides the data to understand how to take a proactive approach to energy.

What Goes Wrong 

Often times, maintenance is viewed as an annoying overhead cost, but reducing these expenditures, increases profit. Metering is an inexpensive way to provide you with data which can direct you to cost avoidance solutions.

Most HVAC systems are not visible so it can be a case of  “out of sight, out of mind”; until of course, something goes wrong.

Organizations that have implemented comprehensive maintenance programs find that their total costs can be as much as 50 percent lower than those continuing to maintain equipment reactively.

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