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Companies Taking the Sustainability Lead

Posted Dec 5th, 2016

Companies Taking the Sustainability Lead


The idea of going green can be daunting for business owners. They fear it will be too expensive and too much of a time commitment. However, more companies are seeing that a little time and money invested today can lead to a better bottom line in the long run, not to mention a more sustainable business.

Here we look at three familiar companies that take environmental impact seriously and are trying to set an example for other businesses when it comes to using clean energy.

Energy conservation and a reduction in energy costs were the driving forces behind Johnson & Johnson’s decision to partner with SunPower back in 2001. Today, the 10 installations of solar technology on eight Johnson & Johnson campuses have enabled the company to reach their personal goals in greenhouse gas emission reduction. Moreover, the decision to utilize clean energy speaks to the company’s credo, which highlights the importance of being conscientious environmental stewards and not taking the environment for granted.

Nike, Inc.’s approach to reducing their environmental impact extends to every facet of the organization. The development of innovative products such as Nike Grind, a combination of recycled materials that is included in the production of many of Nike’s products illustrate the company’s desire to establish eco conscious production processes.

The environmental approach of the company is clearly stated on their website with a quote from President and CEO, Mark Parker. “If all we do is create a single line of green products, we will have failed. Sustainability must be a design ethos across all our products”.

Philips’ approach to sustainability extends beyond the environment to include a focus on improving the health of the population. Their vision rests on their ability to be at the forefront of new and innovative ideas and products designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Utilizing green technologies to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint, Philips strives to ensure each generation of Green Products is at least 10 percent more efficient than its predecessor.

With their sights set on increasing their use of clean energy, decreasing their reliance on chemical substances in their products, and focusing on the protection of natural habitats, Philips’ Green Operations exemplifies the company’s commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

The desire and support for businesses going green is gaining momentum. So too is the knowledge base of individuals and organizations operating with a mandate to aid organizations in their transition to eco conscious production processes. The possibilities for sustainably minded organizations are endless.

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