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Hotel Energy Efficiency

Posted Dec 28th, 2016

Hotel Energy Efficiency


If you think your energy bills are high just think about what it is like for hotels. More and more managers in the hospitality sector have to take a serious look at their energy consumption - specifically how to reduce it.

The Fairmount hotel brand is already on board after committing to reducing their carbon footprint by 20 percent. As part of their commitment to becoming a green hotel, they have adapted their roofs to become a home for honeybees. With this new addition, the company hopes to reduce energy and water use.

The Fairmont brand has also joined the World Wildlife Foundations (WWF) Climate Savers Program in addition to participating in the Green Key Eco-Rating Program. The Fairmount hotel in Washington D.C. became one of two hotels in the area to achieve a five key rating, which is considered the highest rating of recognition. The Green Key Eco-Rating Program is a graduated system designed to recognize hotels that are dedicated to improving environmental performance. The WWF Climate Savers program is a climate leadership initiative that is focused on transforming businesses into leaders of a low-carbon economy.

Not every hotel has the ability to take on multiple efficiency projects at once, but there are steps that most can consider. Global Stewards is an organization run by citizens concerned about a healthy planet. The group includes experts from a range of different industries. Below are some of Global Stewards suggestions for improving a hotel’s energy efficiency:

-Encouraging staff to shut down equipment that isn’t in use.
-Begin a linen reuse program to encourage guests to use towels and sheets for more than one use.
-Installing low-flow showerheads and toilets.
-Use of daylight, rather than artificial light.
-Installing electric car charging stations to encourage hybrid cars.
-Donate or compost unused food.
-Give guests the option of using reusable items such as, glass cups, ceramic plates, cloth napkins etc.

There are many ways to encourage the hotel industry to become more eco-friendly, including more aggressive steps than the one’s listed above, but the point is that even the smallest steps can add up and have an impact.

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