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A Smarter Streetlight

Posted Feb 16th, 2017

A Smarter Streetlight SAMANTHA ZEITZ 

Can you imagine standing near light posts rather than running into a coffee shop to gain access to Wi-Fi? Well, it could happen. Internet connection is just one item on the list for a Denver partnership developing intelligent street lighting.

Panasonic CityNOW announced a partnership with Silver Spring Networks, an outdoor wireless networking specialist. Together they plan to improve the common streetlight and give it more purpose. Their upgrades include streetlights with air quality control, parking assistance, Wi-Fi, and traffic information. They will also improve their primary use of providing light by installing controllable smart LED lights that reduce energy use.

According to The Denver Post, Panasonic has already begun installing equipment that have environmental sensing, parking and traffic information, as well as public Wi-Fi. Panasonic announced the Wi-Fi transmissions could be turned on by March. The device is capable of monitoring air particles, solar cloud coverage, noise, temperature, and humidity. In terms of parking and traffic flow, the device can also count cars.

Another feature of the new light posts are cameras. Some people have expressed concerns about loss of privacy, while others believe cameras on light poles would be a great safety feature; especially parents. For example, light poles near parks or public playgrounds could offer peace of mind to parent’s concerned about their kids who go out alone.

Panasonic are progressive when it comes to energy, safety and convenience. They have been involved in the developing of solar-charged batteries. The new Panasonic office in Denver uses solar power through the day and then relies on batteries during the night.

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