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Outsourcing Energy Management

Posted Mar 12th, 2017

Outsourcing Energy Management TERESA MADALENO 

Today many companies want to make changes to improve energy efficiency in the workplace, but deciding what solutions to implement and managing them is not always easy. The idea of turning to outside experts to manage power isn’t anything new, but it is an idea that more business operators are contemplating.

Here’s why outsourcing works when it comes to energy management. Research by advisory services such as California based, Edison Energy indicates that companies using insiders for energy strategy and management could be significantly limiting the potential to lower power consumption and spending. One of the reasons for this is that the increasing concern for our environment has led to rapidly evolving technology development. This makes it difficult for insiders who are focused on the day-to-day operations to understand the multiple challenges and solutions that are relevant to their large organizations. Outside experts are on top of the latest technologies.

Outsourcing can also give large companies, including manufacturers specialized monitoring. In other words, they don’t just walk away after a new solution has been implemented. They monitor the solution and provide real time data so operations managers can see how and where they are saving energy and money.

Keeping workers on the production line is more important today than ever before, due to our competitive, global market. Company management often find themselves pushing energy efficiency down to the bottom of the “to do” list because they just can’t afford to take a worker away from their daily responsibilities to address energy efficiency. Outsourcing has become a savior to these organizations because it not only saves them time but also lowers their power consumption in the long run thus decreasing energy bills.

One thing that many companies soon discover with outsourcing is better pricing. Often times, when a facility manager and his employees try to take on the implementation of new energy solutions, those solutions are very expensive, but many outside experts have access to top suppliers and lower pricing on those solutions. It’s a savings they are able to pass on.

Putting the right energy measures in place can take time, but when done right, the benefits far outweigh the time it takes to find an expert who can implement these cost saving solutions.

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