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Another City Takes Charge of Climate Change Efforts

Posted Oct 11th, 2017

Another City Takes Charge of Climate Change Efforts SAMANTHA ZEITZ 

The popular thought used to be that large government would spearhead climate change efforts. However, as the need to lower carbon dioxide in our atmosphere becomes more desperate and political officials, like Donald Trump refuse to make it a priority, more city officials are taking matters into their owns hands. The latest American city to publicly discuss their climate saving strategy is Philadelphia. 

According to the Philadelphia energy master plan, the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the city’s built environment by 50 per cent by 2030 and by 80 per cent by 2050. To help reach the lofty goal the plan indicates Philadelphia will be transitioning the regional power grid away from fossil-fuel-based electricity sources. The city’s managing director, Michael DiBerardinis says the plan will not only benefit the environment but the taxpayers and the economy as well. 

One city-owned structure has a goal of its own to work on. The Philadelphia Museum of Art plans to reduce the huge building’s energy consumption by 20 per cent. According to Curbed Philadelphia, their Master Plan Core Project will cost $200 million. The full plan hasn’t been put in place yet, but approximately $9 million in efforts are already underway. The energy measures include: retrofitting gallery lighting, replacing mechanical equipment, and upgrading building control systems. 

Other city-based efforts include installing LED street lights. According to the Energy Office, this tactic will be a significant greenhouse gas reducer among all the other energy efficiency strategies outlined in the master plan. Currently, the energy that powers buildings and street lights is costing the city $35 to $45 million. The city also plans to outsource renewable energy from for large-scale wind, solar and other renewable projects.

Just as previous cities have publicly announced their efforts to reduce carbon dioxide and are trying to encourage other jurisdictions to do the same, Philadelphia representatives hope their energy measures will not only save their city money and green the planet, but motivate other U.S cities to take stronger climate change action.

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