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Is Your Business Prepared For a Power Outage?

Posted Oct 18th, 2017

Is Your Business Prepared For a Power Outage? TERESA MADALENO 

In the event of a power outage there is a lot to consider if you are operating a commercial building. Safety of occupants and security of building contents are of course vital. Both building owners and tenants should know how well equipped their building is to handle a sudden power outage.

Lets break down the vitals into life-safety and business security. Here’s a look at what both fire officials and energy experts say have to be taken into consideration.

  • Do all hallways have emergency lighting that can illuminate an exit path so people can get out of the building safely?
  • Do rooms have exit signs above doors that will function during a power outage?
  • Is the fire alarm audible in all parts of the building?
  • Are you aware of all of the town or city fire and safety regulations?
  • Are you checking safety equipment regularly? Two times a year is the minimum recommended.
Business security:
  • Do you need heat or cooling in any parts of the building?
  • Do you require an uninterruptable power source?
  • What do you need to keep functioning and remain in business?
When taking over a building, people often look at the size of the space, the functionality of the structure, and the location but often forget to take into account what exists in terms of emergency lighting, exit signs, or other safety equipment required should a crisis arise. It is important to keep in mind that many buildings have old safety equipment so if you are taking over a new space, be sure to have everything inspected first, including the lighting and exit signs.

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