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Connecting With the Right People for Energy Efficiency

Posted Dec 4th, 2017

Connecting With the Right People for Energy Efficiency TERESA MADALENO

Most companies today are in favour of energy efficiency improvements. They know that it can contribute to competitiveness, but some are still hesitant to move forward with energy optimization. What they may not be taking into account is that energy efficiency provides other benefits besides long-term cost savings.

Improved productivity, optimized processes, and new business opportunities can also rise out of energy efficiency improvements. Having said this, in order to reap the benefits, careful planning is required. This means setting a proper course from the start. A proper plan will encompass avoiding delays, duplicating efforts, and eliminating misunderstandings. The idea is to be transparent and ensure all aspects of the operation are taken into consideration. It also involves helping to predict any potential future challenges.

Energy management, renewable energy, smart technology, as well as improving over-all power quality can make a huge difference when it comes to saving money. Understanding what you are currently working with, how it impacts your bottom line, as well as how you can improve, gives your company the full picture. Only then should you be making decisions to move ahead with improvements right? Wrong. The next step should be getting a clear sense of how the new tools and measures you are considering will work under you company’s specific circumstances. Questions like, what should my savings be? How can I measure savings? How does each solution relate to the other? This last question is very important.

It is natural to want to rush to implement a new energy savings product, but it is important to think of the bigger picture. For instance, a company may sell you a single solution, (lets say a solar system) but a year or two down the road when you are ready to implement further energy savings measures, the next energy provider you work with might discover that their technology clashes with your solar system or there is some sort of gap between the two technologies. Considering a company that works with multiple technologies can eliminate this risk.

When you decide to go ahead with energy improvements, consulting with a provider that wants to build a long-lasting relationship with you is important. This will ensure that you are provided with the right technologies and the right kind of service.

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